QPresenter Pro-Android

Wireless Projection for Your Android Pad and Phone

QPresenter Pro is an ultra-intuitive wireless projection set-up application that helps transfer photos and documents saved to your Android Pad or Phone to a BenQ network projector via Wi-Fi connection and project them on to a big screen.
●Current support Android 4.0 and above

QPresenter Pro Advantages

• Set up slide shows using image files, PDF, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and Apple iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote).
• Make colorful annotations or drawings over image and document files.
• Control and manage OSD settings.
• Display and/or demonstrate various objects in detail using the Live-Cam function.
• Ensure secure log in at all times.
• Share cloud documents and image files via Dropbox.
• Open files saved in your Dropbox or email account.

Quick and Easy Set-up Steps

QPresenter Pro is your simple and easy wireless solution for sharing or presenting photos and documents saved to your Android Pad and Phone using a BenQ network projector. To begin, follow the steps below:

Step 1

Download Qpresenter Pro on Google Play and save it to your Android Pad and Phone

Step 2

Plug in a wireless dongle(Optional) to your BenQ network projector.

Step 3

Switch the projector source to “Network Display”.

Step 4

Select “Network Display” on your Android Pad or Phone Wi-Fi list

Step 5

Run the QPresenter Pro application on your Android Pad or Phone

Step 6

Select and connect to your BenQ network projector to get started.

QPresenter Pro Homepage for Android Pad and Phone

The QPresenter Pro application is styled with a simple and straightforward user interface to guide you through the set-up process with ease. On the application launch page, you may:

Tap here to start projecting files and documents using the BenQ network projector you connected to during the set-up process.

Tap here to display out your photos and documents and operate Live cam, Keypad, and Web browser function.

How to Project Photos and Documents

Present photos saved on your Android Pad and Phone

Tap here and then select “Album”

Select an album that you would like to display

Tap here to preview the photo

Tap here to sketch and slideshow the photos

Present documents saved on your Android Pad and Phone

Support PDF

Support MS Office Word, PowerPoint, and Excel

Word Power Point Excel

How to use Web Browser (work under infrastructure mode)

Surf the internet on your Android Pad or Phone

Tap “Web Pages”

Tap here to do sketch function on the web page

Type web address here

How to use Live Cam

Catch images via camera on your Android Pad and Phone

Tap “Live Cam”

Catch the image via camera on your Android Pad and Phone

Tap “stop” and then you can do sketch function on the picture

Virtual Keypad for Less Hassle and More Convenience

QPresenter Pro allows you to remote control your projector using a virtual keypad on your Android Pad and Phone. It's just the same as using a real projector keypad. Just tap the keypad icon to start working your projector.

Tap “key pad”

Same as the physical projector keypad


Manipulate the projector settings by control list



Which Android versions does QPresenter support?

QPresenter is compatible with Android 2.3.3 to 4.3.

Which BenQ projectors are compatible with QPresenter Pro?

With Wireless Dongle  


With Wireless Dongle  


What file formats does QPresenter Pro support?

You can use QPresenter Pro to project PDF, PPT, Word, Excel and JPG files.

You can also download QPresenter Pro by QR code:


Download Android version Qpresenter Pro here:

Qpresenter Pro Android

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